Magento is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms on the internet. In recent years it had the 2nd (2017) and 3rd (2018) largest e-commerce market shares, according to technology profiler BuiltWith. Some of the world’s biggest brands utilize the open-source CMS, Coca-Cola and Samsung among them.

For good reason. Magento provides retailers with online-shop software that is highly flexible, scalable and extendable. We often advise clients to go with Magento as it allows our developers to build a shop-system tailored to the clients’ needs.

Many expect Magento to become an even more powerful tool after the company was acquired by Adobe for 1.68 Bn. Dollar in May 2018. Since then Magento has released the long-anticipated 2.3 version of its product, introducing a set of intriguing new features.

To keep you updated on everything Magento, we’ll give you an overview of the hottest Magento trends in the following.

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